Our Portfolio

  • Fit4Filter Mobile App for Bosch

    Allows users to search products by Manufacturers name or by Bosch Rexroth’s parts number/text index

    E-mail or call Rexroth directly from the app

  • View/search vehicle Auction on the Move

    Advanced Mobile app allowing users to search for any desired vehicle auctions

    Shows vehicle’s maintenance history instantly

  • Build Home with ease on the Move

    See different color combinations and products on predefined home samples available in the app

    Includes product catalog with images and videos

  • Rich and Interactive BI Solution

    Rich and customizable BI solution with high functionality and effective display of products range

    Mobile interface development using Mobile Entrée

  • An Enterprise iPhone Product Catalog App

    An enterprise iPhone application to view a comprehensive product range on the move

    Check out the product range any time you wish from anywhere

  • A Mobile App for Dentistry Sessions by ADA

    A Mobile Application Detailing Complete Information of Dentistry Sessions held by ADA

  • An Online Catalog for Audio Products

    Mobilizing Sales Automation for Nation's largest Audio Manufacturer.

    An Enterprise sales automation & Ordering app

  • An Enterprise iPad Product Catalog App

    An enterprise iPad application to view a comprehensive product range on the move

    Check out the product range any time you wish from anywhere

  • Field Services

    Specially designed for field service technicians, this app helps the organization to manage their orders.

    Engineer your engineers to become mobile

  • Electronic Medical Record App

    An app that helps healthcare organizations to manage the patients' history, prescriptions, medications, test reports, etc

    Tracking patients' data for healthcare organization

  • Customer Relationship Management App

    Making it easy for organizations to perform all their CRM related activities on the move

    Go mobile CRM- ahead of your competition

  • Sales app on tablets for the consumables

    Bringing leading Dental Products on the Catalog Application

  • A Beauty & Lifestyle Application

    Check Your Style and Get Useful Professional Guidance Instantly with Style It Social iPhone App

  • An iPhone Application for Jet Lag Prevention

    Jet Lag MD – A feature rich application for avoiding Jet Lag during a Trip

  • iPhone & Android Application

    Developing iPhone & Android Applications owner and operator of Nations Largest Senior Living Communities

  • iPhone & Android App for Hotel Booking

    Delivering a hotel finder website and an android application.

  • Buy authentic accessories online

    An ecommerce portal to buy expensive authentic handbags and accessories online

    An eCommerce portal for smartphones

  • A product catalogue on the iPad

    An interactive enterprise app bringing Product Catalogs and Videos on iPad

    A product catalogue for an enterprise

  • Amazing Marketing Tool

    Access the most proficient CRM for the Mortgage industry using your iPhone or BlackBerry

    CRM on-the-go…

  • Design your dream garden

    See the finished results of your garden designs before even touching the soil in the garden

    Hobby and lifestyle in concert

  • Award Winning Navigation App

    Proud winner of 3 Awards at SEMA 2010. One of its kind Radar and Laser detection app technology with external hardware integration.

    Device intergration for utility

  • Enterprise Fleet Management on Mobile

    Multi-platform Fleet Management solution for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Advanced usage of location-based services to optimize fleet output.

    Fleet management, Automotive and Logistics in location-based services

  • Digital Publishing Solution for iPad

    Custom digital publishing solution for iPad with rich graphics and voice narration options

    Audio streaming for Education

  • Job Portal on Mobile

    A swanky app for job seekers and providers for the food service domain. Attractive UI to guide users to post and apply for jobs quickly, easily and on the go!

    Job portal in hotel industry

  • Animated Jokes and much more!

    Database for thousands of jokes available on iPhone and iPad updated on a regular basis. Features encompass rating, posting reviews, social media integration and filtering.

    Cloud-based services in Entertainment domain

  • Location based Social Networking

    Location-based friend search allowing users to find who is around. Innovative security aproach to deliver a feature loaded app while considering user privacy preferences

    Social networking with location-based services

  • Interactive Auto Catalog on iPad

    Revolutionary app in the appearance protection domain offering ease of access to end users

    Automotive and Insurance in claims processing

  • Publishing App for iPhone and iPad

    Custom digital publishing solution for iPad and iPhone with Audio integration

    Entertainment and audio streaming

  • Event and Service Promotion App

    Bringing the World of Cycling on iPad. Engaging cycling fans on iPad app with rich image gallery options and interractive features.

    Sports and service promotion

  • Live Streaming with InApp Purchase

    Multitasking and wireless streaming supported radio app featuring 150+ radio stations

    Audio streaming in Entertainment

  • Tracking stress - not stressful

    Easy yet effective stress tracking iPhone app to measure and analyze stress/stressors.

    Utilities like charting and scheduling services

  • Plan your wedding on Phone

    Innovative and personalized iPhone app to plan, manage and organize the wedding.

    Planning and management utilities

  • Gold Calculator App

    Impressive iPhone app to estimate the practical value of your Karat Gold Scrap.

    Real-time data visualization in Bullion industry

  • Medical App on iPad

    Self-help physical therapy iPad application aimed at injury and pain prevention.

    Healthcare industry

  • Track Anything on iPhone

    Powerful and efficient goal setting, and performance measuring tool on iPhone to track anything in day-to-day life.

    Utilities in goal tracking with dynamic charting

  • Remodel your Bathroom

    Interactive and user-friendly iPad app to design and remodel baths, and accessories

    Lifestyle for bathroom remodelling

  • Connect your Phone to your Landline

    Comprehensive Android app to save money and simplify life by turning your home phone as replacement for your cell phone. A 2011 CES Innovations Award Winner

    Connecting phone devices in Telecom industry

  • Music player on iPhone

    An attractive and feature rich music player for Android users

    Entertainment with audio streaming and P2P sharing services

  • Hotel Finder & Coupon App on Android

    It was never so easy to find the best deal in hotels around you.

    Hospitality with location-based service

  • Music and Sound lovers

    Variety in music and sound. Available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

    Audio streaming in Entertainment

  • Banking App on Android

    Manage your finances using this simple tool. It was never so easy to manage finances.

    Online funds transfer in telecom

  • Pass your time guessing the word

    Unique and incredible designs, a game to guess the word looking at the drawing. You will love it.

    Entertainment and game for Education industry

  • iPad app with a difference

    Technological advances in an iPad app developed for special purposes.

    Technology and presentation

  • Tweet using your phone

    Tweeting on the way can never be so easy. Take this anywhere and use it always.

    Social networking and Twitter services

  • Pregnancy Ultrasound App

    Track your records of ultrasound tests, your baby's progress and much more using this pre-natal care app.

    Social media in Healthcare

  • Inventory Management iPhone App

    An inventory application for a rubber compounds developer.

  • Food Expiration Tracking on iPhone

    An application developed that works as a Food Expiration Tracker.

  • iPad App for Marketing Survey

    A comprehensive iPad application for conducting marketing survey.

  • Enterprise iPad App for Nation's largest BPO

    Bringing Customer Services on iPad for Nation's largest BPO company.

  • iPhone & iPad App for Church

    Developing an application for clergies to take their pro-life movement further

  • Restaurant Finder iPhone Application

    An iPhone application that allows users to access information of restaurants anywhere in US.

  • Media Center Fujifilm Emkay ABB Cobra
  • Aqueity Venture Giant GE ROQ logic Proxibid
  • Choicetrade Museum and Natural History Reach Local Project Leadership T Mobile